How to trace your ancestry online


If you have decided to trace your family lineage you have joined millions of others on that same journey.  Tracing your family requires the same steps regardless of your background. It can seem daunting at first especially if you have little information to go on.

Step 1 Speak to your family and get the names dates and places of your immediate family. A good place to start is grandparents. Once you have the information of your grandparents birth days places of residence and place of birth you can then start to work backwards. Ask aunts uncles and your grandparents siblings if possibe what information they have regarding your family history.

Step 2 Locate the registers of births deaths and marriages for your grandparents parents in the country that they lived. There are places such as and that hold records you can view online.

Step 3 Broaden your search to include the children as this can later prove invaluable in explaining connections and family links. Research your family surname in war records and make a note of where the people lived.

Step 4 Search the family name online using search engines such as Google.  Someone else may have already started researching your surname.

Step 5 Follow the trail back as far as you can using the records of parents and parents parents parents.

Step 6 Consider taking a DNA test.

Step 7 Ask the elders in the local community, contact teachers and historians as they may hold invaluable information.

You can search births deaths marriages at


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