How to use ancestry DNA to trace your family



The ancestry DNA test is currently £99 in the UK. You order the test online and it is delivered to your address with an activation code. You activate the code on the Ancestry DNA website and send your spit away to be analysed.

When you receive your results you will also receive a list of DNA matches. I had 24 pages of matches and I now have 34 pages. Each time a match is tested they are added to your matches. You can learn a lot from your DNA matches but you first need to get your head around the website which can be daunting at a first glance.

So what can you learn at first glance from your DNA matches?

The beauty of Ancestry DNA is it allows you to upload pictures and post messages. You can start looking into your genetic makeup by scrolling through your matches. What do the people look like? What are their surnames? It may take you a while to scroll through all of the people but it is worth doing. You might start to see reoccurring surnames or surnames that sound similar.  Make a note of people who have the same surname.

You can take this a step further by clicking onto the person and looking at their profile. From here you can learn where the person is located if they have added this information. You can see their genetic profile and identify which countries and regions you have in common. You can also see which surnames they are researching. If they have uploaded pictures you can see them here.

If you haven’t done it already you should create a family tree as the Ancestry DNA site will then start to give you hints regarding your ancestors.

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