How to turn your blog into a book


Do you have a great blog? Do you love to write? Or maybe you are simply looking for a way to promote your business.
Do you want to turn your blog into a book and reach even more potential followers clients and customers? If you are producing a marketing Ebook for your business this might be a 10 or 20 page digital document. It doesn’t have to be a huge text book.

If you are keen to establish yourself as a writer you might produce a 50-70 page Ebook. Producing a digital book will give you more opportunities to gain readers and followers of your blog. You can test products in this way and find out exactly what your clients or followers want. You will have something to sell which can mean extra money in your pocket.
There are websites that will convert your blog into a PDF such as print You can then download the file to your PC Tablet or Laptop.
The next step is you will need to edit and adjust the text into book format add more content.

Test the market. To do this you might choose to give your book away. The benefits of giving your book away is that you get feedback and can adjust your product. By giving your book away you are also providing value and an incentive to do business with you. You might offer the book free for a Email address being provided. Or you could run a competition and offer the Ebook as a prize.

You might choose to do this to have something to send your clients. Important information is always valued. An Ebook can be used to show off a companies skills. If you work in digital marketing you could create an Ebook showcasing the work you have done in the past including testimonials and price lists.

Next you need a professional cover.
You can check out lots of Ebook and Hard Copy front cover book designers at and various other sites. I am not being commissioned to say that but I have had a good experience with them.
Next you will need to convert the book to Ebook format if you so chose. To do this you can visit your Google play store and download a Ebook converter or go to Epub or pay someone to do it for you. have people who will format the book to kindle format for a reasonable price.
You can then upload for free to sites such as Kindle direct publishing. If you choose this route kindle direct publishing which is Amazon have a specific format requirement for their books so check their formatting requirements before formating the book.
KOBO writing life is a website where you can publish and sell digital material.
Nookpress is also a place you can publish an Ebook.
 iTunes Connection and iTunes Producer for iBooks also publish Ebooks and digital material.
An Ebook can be a low cost marketing tool and can provide a passive income if the book sells well.
 Here is another fantastic link to a directory of places where you can submit an Ebook
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