Analysing trans-atlantic DNA results



The details have been taken from

High “Ivory Coast/Ghana” 

Judging from the few African results i’ve seen this category is very predictive of both Ghanaian (Ga) and Ivorian (Akan) origins. However in addition also Liberian and (southern) Sierra Leonean ancestry is being described by this region. Making the distinction at this stage cannot be done yet, unless other ancestral clues exist.



High “Cameroon/Congo”

This region is somewhat ambigious as it might suggest either origins from Congo/Central Africa or from Cameroon/southeast Nigeria. The first result is from someone who’s from South Carolina. Given the strongly documented presence of Congolese people in that state it seems tempting to assume that in this case Central African ancestry is being picked up on.




AncestryDNA results for 2 Nigerians (both Igbo)

***(click to enlarge)

Igbo (Anambra)

***(click to enlarge)

Igbo On1

Eventhough this person’s breakdown is quite diverse, the “Ivory Coast/Ghana” score is still very noticeable and in fact it is the highest i’ve observed among my sample group. Aside from signalling origins from Ghana this region might also be suggestive of origins further west from Liberia and even Sierra Leone. All of these 3 ancestral options being quite likely for South Carolina i suppose.




High “Nigeria”

As discussed above this region might represent the relatively least diluted African lineages among my sample group. Because it is the only region for which i have observed original percentages of above 50%. Plus when calculated as a ratio of total African ancestry, it is the only region to show scores of inbetween 60-70% of total African ancestry. Of course because of individual variation it is also very much possible that other people will score much lower amounts of “Nigeria” or even zero percent 😉







Check these links for more background info, references and maps:

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