Who the Moors really were.

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There are several works of art from the Moorish occupation of Spain, one called ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria’, from the reign of Alfonso the X, and the ‘Book of games’, also from the same era. These two books were written and illustrated by the Spanish, there are a few images illustrated by the Moors themselves in the ‘Tale of Bayad and Riyad’ from the 13th century, and an 11th century illustrated book called ‘The Skylitzes Chronicle’ by medieval Byzantine historian Johannes Skylitzes.

The images have all come from this page, which has a far more comprehensive library of images than you will find on this blog.

Cantigas de Santa Maria

The wourd ‘Mouros’ can be clearly seen in the text above.

It can be clearly seen that one of the Mouros is black, but black Moors are a small minority of the Moorish army seen in these old illustrations.

Again, about three black…

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