The Bantu Branch of ‘Africans’ are Hebrew Israelites PART I of II

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In this post I would like to establish the fact that the ‘Bantu’ branch of Africans, generally concentrated in Sub-Saharan part of the continent, and their related family branches are actually descendants of the Hebrew Israelites. Identifying the Bantu as the descendants of the Israelites extremely important. Having the understanding that the Bantu are Israelites is integral in order to gain a broader and more accurate comprehension of who the Israelites are, where their descendants are located, and what contributions they have made to the world.

Many of us are already very familiar with the Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary’s Ham (son of Noah), definition. Those who are not, please become soon familiar with it. However, again, for those of use who are already familiar with the Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary definition of Ham, we know that by it [the definition of Ham] we know that the Negroes are not Ham’s (true African)…

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