Black History Pt 3: The True Identity of the West African Slaves PT 3


The following are images of the Erverh aka the Hebrews. You can see from their Afro-textured hair and beards, these are black people. Thus, as you can see, their descendants, the Erverh people of West Africa share the same features as their ancestors.

image of an ancient Israelite. Close Up Image of an ancient Israelite aka Erverh (Hebrew)

Full size of previous image. Assyrian Soldier matching Hebrew slaves into captivity

Images of siege of Lachish at British Museum. Afro-textured hair Hebrew Captives bowing before the Assyrian conquering monarch

Closeup image of Hebrews paying homage to the Assyrian conqueror


The Information is culled from the book below. Follow the link and get your copy.

The Call to the Hebrews,” by Mawuli.

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