Who Were The Aryans- Indians, Iranians, or Europeans?

knowledge of self

by Daniel Oliver


Abstract:  The identity and origin of the historical Aryans need not be a mystery.  However, disabusing oneself of misguided 18th-20th century racialist notions is necessary for reaching understanding.  To do that, the author employs Aryan scriptures, and artifacts, non-Aryan historical accounts, and linguistics to locate, describe, and define the Aryans.  The sources are not new, but a fresh analysis establishes surprising conclusions about heretofore unknown Aryan links to a broader ancient civilization.


According to their scriptures, the homeland of the Aryans was modern day Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India.

Sixteen perfect lands created by Ahura Mazda, and as many plagues created by Angra Mainyu.

Ahura Mazda spake unto Spitama Zarathushtra, saying:

1: I have made every land dear (to its people), even though it had no charms whatever in it

2: had I not made every land dear (to its…

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