The people of Northern Kenya


The Marsabit-Lake Turkana Cultural Festival was finally here with us. I could not wait to meet and learn more about the famous 14 tribes, that had been used to market this annual event, which had taken place since 2008.

The festival was proposed by the local communities living in Marsabit County, in order to promote peace and reconciliation amongst them.

IMG_0004Loyangalani A Galgallo is part of the Konso people, who are originally from Southern Ethiopia, but have also settled in parts of Kenya including Laisames and Ileret. They are farmers, who practice bee-keeping. They are also known to practice Christianity and Islam, and some still adhere to traditional beliefs.

IMG_0025Loyangalani A A Burji man plays the drum with so much elation during the start of the Marsabit-Lake Turkana Cultural Festival. The Burji tribesmen left quite the impression on me, mostly because of their lively spirits and their beautifully handcrafted attire, which they wore with…

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