Sumer Tablets – Real History

Michael Ruark

from the Ancient Sumer Tablets Recorded In The Language Cuneiform; these Tablets Are Called 1. The Atra Hasis, 2. The Enuma Elish, 3. Adafa, 4. The Descent Of Ishtar To The Underworld, 5. Tammuz And Ishtar, 6. The Gilgamesh Epics, 7. Etana; To Mention A Few. These Tablets Had The Most High El, Who Is Also Known As ANU, Meaning ” Heaven” And He Had Appointed One Of His Sons NUNAMNIR Known as ENLIL, Meaning EL- ” God Of The Heaven” And His Son NUDIMMUD Known As ENQI Who Is ” God Of The Earth”. This ENLIL Was Called DAMMUZI Or GABRIY From Which The Name GABRIEL Comes From. He Was The Father OF TAMMUZ By The Female Deity ISHTAR. This TAMMUZ Was Called ADONIS, H e (ENLIL) Became The Supreme And Gave Birth To The Concept Of A Supreme Being, Because

According To These Tablets Recorded Thousands Of Years…

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