Ancient Old Kingdom Egypt Egyptian Word Meaing Bja Etymology Meteoric Iron Stone Rock Meteorites Tribe Medjayu Arab Beja Bedja Name What Called Selves Bedaawye Bedouins Nation Son Kush Ityopis Greek Blemmyes Ethiopia Sudan Language Dispersion Meroe Meroitic Hieroglyphs Decipherment Script Kushan Kushitic Range Sanskrit India Translation Seed Semen Heaven Bija Malaysian Word Baja Meaning Peninsula Mexico Ironstone Deposits Transoceanic Navigation

Meteoric iron fallen from the heavens, the word Bja in the ancient egyptian language, was highly prized, used to form religious objects of power such as crooks and flails for the rulers of Egypt, no doubt too for the Kushites to the south and east of Egypt, who were called the Beja, Medjay, or Medjayu, so named after Bja because they were a great source of that meteoric iron seen as having fallen from the gods to earth.

So it’s ironic (pun intended) that the wandering pastoral Bedouin nomads of the Horn of Africa and Egypt would be named after those very ancient metallurgists the kushitic Beja, etymologically linked to the word Bja, having called themselves the Bedaawye in archaic times, that word then transitioned by arabic and french influence to Bedouin.

And the Beja language today spoken by the Bedouins of Ethiopia (named after Ityopis a son of Kush) will actually be the key to deciphering the Meroitic hieroglyphs (once the…

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