The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

A Watchful Servant

the name

Have you ever wondered about the name and pronunciation of the true living God? Why do we hear different names referring to the same God?

It is because God’s name has been mostly forgotten, and we are left with four Hebrew consonant letters and what seems to be no certain pronunciation.
There are several attempts using different vowel combinations to come up with “the name” but can we know which is correct?

I found seven different spellings in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament.


The first six are different vowel arrangements around the four consonant letters.
In Hebrew there are actually no vowels. With the revival of modern Hebrew, they developed vowel markers to make the pronunciation of words as they believed they should sound. That is what the little dots and dashes represent.

Based on usage (5,658 times), it would seem that YaHVaH would most likely be correct…

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