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The Living descendants of the Egyptians: article by All

One fact that was meant to be hidden is that the M2 lineage carrying, Niger-Congo/Kordofanian speaking, broad featured (“true Negro”) populations of Equatorial Africa and their New World extensions are the living descendants of the ancient Egyptians (and Hebrews). They do not want us to know that we were at the basis of all of these ancient civilizations and not as slaves but masters (Sidi Badr). WE DID NOT ORIGINATE IN WEST AFRICA, BUT AS ATTESTED TO BY EVERY TRIBAL ELDER WE ORIGINATED IN NUBIA-EGYPT (see the black and white map below) IN EASTERN AFRICA. These two civilizations were the oldest (Nubia), longest lasting and greatest (most contributing) civilizations in World History. The ancient Egyptian civilization is much older than the 5,000 year date given by “traditional”(liars) Egyptologist but instead it’s over 12,000 years old. Older black and or African scholars still alive today like Theophile Obenga and Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan  for decades have debunked the Western lead lies in regards ancient Egypt and to the “Bantu Migration” from Cameroon and the ridiculous lie that the ancient Egyptian language is not related to Niger-Congo. African scholars (who actually speak African languages) have long criticized the entire “Afro-Asiatic” category of African languages. This video explains the basics behind the dilemma.

Above is a quote from the article click the below link for the full post which I recommend. I will be compiling my own research on the above matter and my previous post Reclaiming the African in My African American Ethnicity — Ariana Fiorello-Omotosho The previous post is of a African descendant brought to the New world in slavery from Nigeria and Cameroon. The analysis of her DNA by a professional company traces her genealogy to one of 2 places (I would personally say both places) Egypt or Palestine. If you have read my post on my Akan and Igbo ancestors you will be aware that I also have a DNA match cousin who’s ancestry was tracing back to Egypt and Saudi Arabia rather than palestine 1000-2000 years ago.

Click below for the full post (The article is mind blowing and needs to be read more than once to be truly absorbed in my opinion)

Developing a connection with your spirit

The spirit for me is the soul and the energy within us. We all have a spirit within us whether we choose to acknowledge this or not. When we die the spirit leaves and the body is left behind.

In order to develop a strong connection with your own spirit you need to spend time listening to it.

I’m sure we can all agree that the human race is very clever and this is not determined by individual race or sex. There have been many great inventors and philosophers. These people come from every corner of the earth and have achieved wonderful and unimaginable things during their life. When we work on our spirit we are working on strengthening our character in ways that can seem contrary to the mainstream world. We are working on that life force energy that brought everything in this world into being. Everything started with a thought. We spend a huge part of our lives distracted by TV, phones and the Internet.  Wait I’m not saying  turn your laptop off, at least read my post first please 🤗 Not only do we have responsibilities that can take us away from living in spirit, we also play a running commentary in our head. You might even be doing it right now, thinking what is she going on about? Have you ever stopped to listen to what you actually say to yourself about yourself in your head? Or what you say about others?

  • In order to develop our spirit we need to quieten what some call the “Chatterbox” within. It is easier said than done and I have tried many a exercise to develop the skills of quietening the mind. I remember the first time I decided to meditate I thought I would be able to just sit down and straight away just do it. How I still have to practise now to quieten the mind and I probably will never master it. That said once you consciously decide to take charge of your mind and meditate there is plenty of resources out there to help. When the mind is quiet genius happens. In that moment we are in a state to receive, we remove our own obstacles. It takes years of continous practise and is useful for a number of reasons. If we are in distress being able to quiet the mind can stabilise our emotions. We can think clearly and be creative when we are not running a negative record in our minds. Instead of focusing on the past or future we can focus on the now.

A few exercises I have picked up from the hundreds of self development books I have read include

1. Wear an elastic band on your wrist and pull it and snap it back into your wrist every time you think something negative.  This is a way to use the Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques used to help stop negative thinking.

2. Learn to meditate and quiet the mind. Build up the time you spend in total silence. You might try 2 minutes and build up to 15 or 30 minutes. This exercise works well when running.

3. Look at these areas of your life and spend time identifying what you want. You can divide these aspects of your life into categories.

  • Health
  • Relationship/ Marriage
  • Work
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Education
  • Spirit
  • Hobbies/ Creativity
  • Self development
  • I have found that if one category is out of sync it affects the other things. I list education and self development as separate as education could include training for work or for a career. Self development is a process used to shape aspects of your character and to develop qualities for your personal development.

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Spirituality: A focus on the soul “the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way”


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Spirituality: A focus on the soul “the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way”

Definition: spɪrɪtʃʊˈalɪti,spɪrɪtjʊˈalɪti/ noun the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Spirituality means different things to different people. Depending on where you live you may have the opportunity to explore the different avenues that man kind have taken to express and develop spirituality.

There are so many different religions and movements that there is always something to suit you. As a keen reader I have researched Buddhism,  Zen, Christianity, Islam, Science of mind, Jewish practises. For me it is important to learn about something before I make up my mind if it fits my values and beliefs. I believe there is a higher power who we call God, Yahweh, YHWH, the universal power, The Almighty Father, The one and only God who sent prophets to teach us his law. This is my personal belief and any spiritual person will tell you that the journey can be a difficult one.

If we look at the definition of spirituality “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”  We see that this is a something that can be independent of religion. Often spirituality is the common link between religions. Looking at spirituality in this way we find people who throughout history have lived by the principle of being concerned for the human spirit instead of worldly things.

Yeshua, Mohammed, Moses, Isaac, Abraham, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Haile Sellasie, are some people who have inspired people and had a deep connection to mankind. These are people that I have plucked from the top of my head but I’m sure you can think of more than me.

There are different steps that can be taken to develop spirituality.

1. Learn from others. Surround yourself with spiritual people. Model their behavior.

2. Meditate. Quiet the mind Meditate on the universal power or God.

3. Read spiritual books.

4. Pray

5. Spend time with nature.

6. Release the need for worldly things.

7. Develop the mind. Controlling thoughts feelings beliefs.

8. Expressing creativity. Writing drawing, dancing, painting etc.

9. Apply spirituality principles  to your daily life.

10. Broaden your mind and look into world cultures be willing to unlearn what you have been taught or learnt in the past.

For me this is a life long journey. I will never be perfect there will always be something to work on. I have to also unlearn things that were past on to my forefathers and developed in Western society. The bible teaches that there are good and bad forces and we have to be very careful about which sources we are tapping into. I am a very spiritual person and the more I develop this the more spiritual encounters I have. For example I dream things that happen,  when I’m in a semi conscious state I am given insights into things specific names of people and events that have taken place. Now through researching my ancestry I see that many Africans have this sixth sense.  Now my responsibility is to pray to only receive the word of God as I am not interested in tapping into the spirits. When you tap into spirits you may be given information that makes you appear psychic but these are dark spirits and you always have to pay usually with death. It’s important to repent for tapping into dark spirits and to stop doing it or they will enter your body, your life and cause stagnation, dry up your creativity, create trouble in your life and disaster. Dark spirits can corrupt your mind change your views and cause insanity. We can not be messing with both we just choose a side.

I do not consider spirituality to be the following listed below but this is because I follow the Scriptures. If you are interested in walking with God I suggest you drop these things immediately.

1. Starsigns, horoscopes, astrology

2. Mediums, spirit guides, tarot cards, healing stones, rune stones

3.Voodoo, black magic, white magic, witchcraft, potions spells

4. Worshiping objects.

5. Worshiping anything other than the creator or universal power.

6. Believing man is God

Believe me when I tell you I have seen the negative impact of these things in mine and others lives. The stories I could tell you would probably make your blood run cold. If you have found your way to this post you are searching like many of us for the that something else.  That something else has always been there. Keep searching and learning.